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About us

The management of Dutch Design Hotel Vondelpark has a lot of experience. People who have had years of training in the hospitality industry and know how to get the best out of every stay. Being part of a chain has its benefits. We have the experience and we know the market. As the market evolves, we have to evolve with it in order to stay on top. That's why we decided to take this opportunity to get this hotel back into shape.    

Aeon Plaza Hotels

Since 1996

The Aeon Plaza Hotels hospitality group is the holding & management company of Hotel Die Port van Cleve, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis and Dutch Design Hotel Vondelpark. The current management has been in charge of Hotel Die Port van Cleve since 1996. The development of a second hotel started in 2003. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis first opened its doors in March 2005.

At Aeon Plaza Hotels, we strive to provide our guests with a unique and unforgettable experience. Our two distinctive four-star hotels and a characteristic three-star hotel offer everything guests need for a relaxing, refreshing and productive stay in Amsterdam.

Each hotel has its own unique character, but all are linked by their strong Dutch identity. In our hotels, guests become acquainted with Dutch history and culture. Combined with personal service and a characteristic environment, guests are assured of an unforgettable stay in Amsterdam.

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Hotel Die Port van Cleve

Open since 1870

In the heart of the city center we have our historic hotel Die Port van Cleve. A long line of historic stories attached to this building with the most famous one, the one where it all started for that famous beer brand with its red star and green bottle. Modern luxury combined with stories of our past where we keep on writing history. Every chapter with its own characteristic events and people.  Two brothers who took it upon themselves to be innovative and opened a restaurant. Where later on the "Brasserie" opened its doors. In 2021 we celebrated our 150th anniversary and we were granted with the royal title; 'By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands'. Prayed for our 150 years of hospitality with a smile. We will continue writing our history every day and welcome everyone to help us do this. 

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Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Open since 2005

One of our hotels that has a broad variety of guests. Being situated in the Riekerpolder business area we accommodate business guests, but in the weekend we welcome our tourists who are here to visit our lovely city. This hotel is equipped with 256 rooms, 11 meeting rooms, restaurant De Stijl and a large Terras to enjoy that summer breeze. Dutch Design runs through its veins and every 4 months we present a new exposition with its own brand identity and look and feel. In every nook and corner you will find Dutch Design, from the moment you arrive in the lobby to the furniture in the room. 

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